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Cardiology – Isra College Hospital


We perform a range of cardiac processes, right from Interventional cardiology to the most recent Da Vinci Robotic heart surgeries. Doppler, CT, and Ultrasound-guided procedures, C – Arm, PET CT (in the gut ). We have among the teams in the subject of treating complex aneurysm of the aorta with endovascular stent grafting. Endovascular Interventions: More and more aneurysms of the aorta are getting amenable from endovascular stent grafting instead of significant surgery. Read more. Individuals have been helped by Finest cancer hospital in return to their work since they were best heart surgery hospitals in Hyderabad, and since the price is reduced and treatment offered is in par with global standards, a growing number of folks are now getting attracted to India for receiving their cancer therapy.

  1. Member of Cardiological Society of India. To their exemplary work in the care, they’re considered one of the major heart hospitals in India. Our group is one of the most experienced within the business of electrophysiology of the heart that averts rhythm disturbances of the center, commonly leading to palpitations’. Hospitals’ Yashoda Group is among the best cardiovascular exercises in the private sector. The safety record of the catheterization laboratory is similar to the best centers in the world. Dr. Das has good support together with his team that guarantees the shortest wait time with the ideal service and comprehension of a patient’s signs to arrive at a diagnosis that operates.

His breadth and depth of experience allow him to perform complicated surgeries, such as second or third heart surgeries and conditions previously deemed inoperable with achievement rates above the national average, with the newest surgical techniques, equipment, and apparatus, such as minimally invasive surgery, off-pump skip, robotically assisted and percutaneous procedures. Pediatric Cardiology & Interventions: Our Pediatric Cardiologists are adept at non-surgical interventions in the catheterization laboratory such as VSD, PDA, and also ASD closures in addition to echocardiograms.