Crystal Chandeliers Can Add Glamor and Glitz to Every Room 


Crystal Chandeliers Can Add Glamor and Glitz to Every Room 

Chandeliers’ definition has evolved a lot and they are not confined to hanging over old grandmother’s formal dining table. Ornate crystal chandeliers were seen in extremely opulent places. Today, you will find crystal chandeliers suspended in unexpected places like in modern penthouses, attic extensions, and industrial warehouses. Even small spaces can enjoy the glamour and glitz of a stylish chandelier. 


The foyer is the first space guests see when they enter the door and walk inside. You can make a bold statement here. If the entryway ceiling is at a height then choose a big light fixture. A Dream Artistic Crystal Design chandelier or a couple of Pine Cone Shape crystal chandeliers can transform and enliven the boring space. 

Dinning Room and Kitchen

If your kitchen is spacious and along with a dining, then you can choose the large crystal chandeliers in any shape such as rectangular, round, square, or oval over the dinning table. Sculptural chandeliers are great to balance the cabinetry’s utilitarian finishes and sleek lines. For a lengthy dining table, you can hang 2/3 small chandeliers for the proper spread of light across. You could visit, for more ideas. 

Sofary is the best store to offer mind blowing lighting products such as modern crystal chandeliers and wall scones. You could visit their website to have a look at the images and other details of more products that they offer. You’ll surely be amazed at the huge unique collection that they have. 


The luxury solar system spiral raindrop chandelier is a great option to illuminate the stairway. It looks like a large artwork piece suspended, which grabs attention. 


A fabulous contemporary round linear or a flush mount crystal chandelier defines a ‘Master bedroom’. If the ceilings are high, then you can opt for a tiered design with graceful curves. It adds panache and intimacy to the bedroom.


It is the last place interior designers are concerned about. Guests hardly use the bathroom and even if they do it is not thought about as a luxurious space. In luxury hotels, you find chandeliers in the bathroom, which doesn’t mean you cannot install one. The mini modern square flush mount crystal chandeliers over the magnificent bathtub can transform the bathroom into a luxurious spa. 

Even the uncommon areas like the nursery, walk-in closet, laundry room, etc. are rooms you can cheer up with chandeliers instead of spending hundreds of dollars on remodeling the house. 

Tips to choose the correct light fixture

A correct light fixture is the one that is functional and decorative.

  • If you desire to hang the chandelier over a table then choose the table center rather than the room center. 
  • Multiple lighting sources are present in most of the rooms, which complement the chandelier, so opt for a dimmer switch for mood-setting and brightness control.
  • Choose a fixture that is appropriate for the space that is not too big and not too small. 
  • The fixture style and material need to blend seamlessly with the room décor.