Have the Best Choices with the Poker cheat cards

Have the Best Choices with the Poker cheat cards


Cards marked with infrared contact lenses can be used as magic secret marked cards, poker cheat glasses see invisible ink. It is applied to magic shows and poker tournament; do you wish to know the trickeries of doing with a marked deck of poker cards? As you can understand, the playing cards have been clear by invisible luminous ink, the brand of card juice, by wearing IR contact lenses and cards marked with sunglasses, you can understand the marks on the backside of the cards evidently. With best poker sunglasses and the poker contact lenses, you can’t see the marked poker cards.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker Winner Predictor Scanner System

Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the most practical and sophisticated product in the game of poker, poker is a faultless cheating device. The poker analyzer happens to use an unusual scanning camera and marked cards, after scanning the barcode cards, poker scanning system able to calculate the first and second winning hands in 0.1 seconds. The accuracy rate reaches 100%. Here also have the latest GPS poker analyzer and AKK which can play Bacarrat. As the best branded card poker manufacturer in the world, it can be made common items unusual by installing them with an external camera for the poker analyzer system.

The external poker camera hidden in the buttons of the shirt can be eye-catching camera, or the zoom camera. Diverse scanning cameras use to have various kinds of scanning distances, but all they have a fast scanning speed and high accuracy of the winning hand. It can act as a button of clothing or a cuff of shirt, too concealable that cannot be discovered by other people. Shirt button scanner camera for the phone analyzer system able to play a big character in Poker cheat cards by glance over the barcode marked cards precisely, quickly, and stably.

Do you wish to know the secrets of poker marked card game?

There are a lot of amazing poker stuffs, you can find everything you want here. Invisible marked ink poker cards such as plastic poker cards and paper poker cards.

Do you know rainbow? These contact lenses have been made by the principles of optics. Experts filter one of the optical bands to made special contact lenses. And after that make use of invisible ink to mark the cards, leave the mark to be seen by the poker contact lenses.