How You Can End Up with the Best Personal Training

How You Can End Up with the Best Personal Training


Personal training comes in many forms both as a course and as individual training hours. Some offer diet guidance, coaching, equipment, programs, 24/7 support and more. What is being offered is what you can expect. But what should you expect? Whether you buy a shorter or longer course, expect the coach to lay out a plan in relation to your goal. Training without planning is like looking for a needle in a haystack you do not get much closer to the goal.

From the fitness expert Ido Fishman you can now get all the supports in the right note. Ultimately, it is the coach’s biggest and most important task to get you to the goal, and when you put energy into your training, you should expect to see a progression and results.

During and after your course

Your focus during a personal training course must be on the planned training and possibly. Other initiatives the coach has set in motion. In addition, a course should not only be about the here and now. After all, you should preferably not be dependent on your coach for the rest of your life. Your trainer must therefore teach you so that you have the knowledge to be able to stand on your own two feet and continue training yourself.


Once you have found your coach and are in the process of a course, it is easy to get engrossed yes almost dazzled by the journey you have started on. But try to be curious about your training. Ask your coach questions, keep him on his toes and let the coach put theory behind his practice. It’s just cool with curious clients!

After a 3 month course with a personal trainer is only the start of your training journey. If you want to develop further, your journey must continue. But it does not necessarily have to be with the coach you started the course with. Maybe you need to try out new coaches? Explore your training horizon and experience how others teach. All trainers have their core competencies and the more you can learn the better off you are when it comes to training on your own two feet.

Maybe you have already become so competent that you can continue on your own you can always return to a personal trainer.