Important Tips to Remain Protected in Cold and Flu Season

Important Tips to Remain Protected in Cold and Flu Season


Cold and flu are spreading at a fast pace in the world. Sudden change in weather due to the onset of the rainy season, is making more and more people being affected due to the flu and cold. In this situation, it is very important to guard ourselves against the changing weather conditions.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle throughout the season, proper hygiene, sleep, and wearing warm clothes are all essential to deal with this condition. We are sharing with you some useful tips to prevent sickness, and staying healthy this season.

Wash hands frequently

As the nature of flu is contagious and spreads from contamination, hygiene is very important to prevent its spread. The first line of action is to wash hands every one or two hours. It will keep you safe from cold and flu causing virus. 

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Do not touch your face

The virus can enter into the body through the mouth. So, if your hands are dirty and you touch your mouth with those hands, then it will increase your possibility of being infected. So, along with frequent washing of hands, do not touch your face with hands. Both these practices will prevent the virus to enter the body. 

Eat healthy foods

To make yourself resistant towards viral infection such as cold and flu, you need to pay attention to eating a well-balanced diet. Include more foods that are rich in vitamins especially Vitamin C. 

Include elderberry, raw organic honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, ginger, Indian gooseberry in your diet. These foods are immunity-boosting foods that help you enhance your immunity levels and provides remarkable strength to the body to deal with viral infections. 

Get vitamin D

When it comes to immunity enhancing foods, you cannot ignore Vitamin D. This is a special vitamin that boosts the immunity in a person. As this vitamin is available in scarce amounts in food, you can opt for its other sources such as sunlight, and vitamin D supplements. Always consult your doctor before you incorporate Vitamin D supplements in your diet. 


Sleep also has a significant role to play in building the immunity system in the body. It has seen that people who sleep well for seven to eight hours daily have a better immunity system. This safeguards them from viral infection. 


If you want to prevent cold and flu, you need to maintain better hygiene and focus on developing your immunity system. Exercise is also one of the effective ways to give a boost to your immune system. Regular exercise keeps you safe from viral infections. 


The onset of rain causes a lot of seasonal issues in people. Those with low immunity levels need more care and attention to prevent themselves from catching the flu. With these tips, you can enjoy this rainy season while staying fit and healthy at all times.