Rules Guiding Money Making on the Street in the Wisdom Age

Rules Guiding Money Making on the Street in the Wisdom Age

  1. Cash is compensation for administrations rendered. 
  1. Cash comes in structures thoughts, ability and normal blessings that can be hone to create genuine income. 

iii. Thoughts travel at  อุปกรณ์กอล์ฟลดราคา  the speed of thought says Bill Gates, for all intents and purposes more than 50,000 contemplations (for example Sublimed thoughts) crosses your thoughts each 24hr; these thoughts are cash spinners on the off chance that you cautiously, ingeniously and ideal connect with it to the procedure of change into its physical counterparts. This thought can converge the income of your nation (for example cash available for use) and carry it to your entryway step, to your office or home, city intersection or ledger. 

  1. Cash is an award for issue illuminated. On the off chance that you need more cash take care of more issues. 
  1. Thought is the thing that you have to take advantage of the cornucopia of riches in the universe, and meet the billions streaming the web. 
  1. What you have to make your own cash isn’t a long way based on what is in your grasp at this moment, either zero capital or funding. For on the off chance that you can’t be a Bill Gates, you can be a product partner advertiser with or, and on the off chance that you can’t be a Michael Jackson, you can compose verses or be the greatest studio drummer. In the event that you can’t be a decent footballer, you can be the best hand on the goal line. You can even be the best lines-man or arbitrator in the field. In the event that you can’t be a Jennifer Lopez, you can be Angelina Jolie or even a Brad Pitt, and on the off chance that you can’t be Obama Barrack of United States, you can be a Hillary Clinton-Secretary of State. A living pooch is superior to a dead lion. You simply need to continue moving at all expense in light of the fact that even the planets with every one of its heaps of stars is in consistent movement. In the event that you can’t fly-run, and on the off chance that you can’t run-walk, and in the event that you can’t walk-continue shaking yourself with the goal that individuals won’t mistakely dump you into the morgue assuming you are dead. Demise isn’t your segment; achievement is your bit… indeed, even at this point! 

vii. Stop spending binge on liabilities like in vogue design, fun reasonable, nourishments, films, games, betting’s, and so on you will find you have the stuff to begin at your undertaking. 

viii. Cash comes in types of wages, profits, eminences, discounts, and award for administrations you render and profit for wise venture or value. 

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Ritchie Felix have filled in as double cross e-Consultant on Youth and ICPD Policy Documents for 2008/2009. Welcomed to convey paper on fifteenth of December, 2008 at NATIONAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY on tending to ” YOUTH POVERTY IN NIGERIA”, under the support of Young People Initiatives, supported by: “DFID”, “USAID”, NASS and other universal offices. He is ” DESPLAY Alumni: Democracy Series, Participation and Active Youth ” season 4 under Youngstars Development Initiative and NED, WASHINGTON D.C, USA. He is a productive Writer with a few distributed works.