Why Should One Consider Investing In Pharma Companies Such As APLS Stocks

Why Should One Consider Investing In Pharma Companies Such As APLS Stocks


Over the years, pharma companies have gained an image of being a high-risk choice for investors. However, a few of them such as APLS stocks at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-apls  are evoking interest for long-term investors. This sector can provide profitable and benefitting opportunities for those who do thorough research.

Most importantly, when it comes to investing in publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies, there are a few things that investors should look for. For instance, clinical trials can either lead to big gains for the company or huge losses. They are a make or break chance for the business owners and their products.

How are medical trends beneficial

According to the data derived from Statista, there were 10 major therapeutic areas of the pharmaceutical sector in the year 2018 alone. Moreover, the global sales of these areas generated total revenue of US$36 billion. Oncology, anti-diabetics, and pain therapy are the top global drugs using areas. Moreover, in terms of revenue, they generated total sales of US$100 billion, US$79 billion and US$40 billion, respectively. In addition to this, breast cancer and small lung cancer were next in the list of top diseases for which therapeutic drugs were being manufactured. Cymbalta or duloxetine that is used to treat major depressive disorder and anxiety touched US$36 billion in global revenue for the sector.

The list of top therapeutic areas generating massive global pharmaceutical revenue in 2018 is followed by autoimmune diseases with US$53.5 billion, mental health at US$35.5 billion, immunology at US$34.2 billion, and respiratory at US$60.5 billion in the revenue.

The niche drugs manufactured by top pharma companies are creating investment opportunities for the investors. However, frequent attempts have been made to ignite competition between pharmaceutical companies and to decrease drug prices.

How much benefitting is Apellis Pharmaceuticals stocks

While the majority of the leading pharma company’s stocks are US based, the international pharma market is bound for exceptional growth. It can be driven by big pharmaceutical companies as well as small-capitalization stocks. For instance, APLS stocks or shares of Apellis Pharmaceuticals increased up to 41% after the company conducted a phase 3 study. The primary goal of this study was to increase hemoglobin levels in the human body. Investors are hoping for quick regulatory approval and market success for the company. By the year 2023, experts are expecting the market to grow at an annual growth rate of 4 to 5 percent to reach US$1.3 trillion.


Depending on the company’s portfolio, investors can either invest in major pharmaceutical stocks or prefer smaller companies with more potential over them. Overall, with swift drug approvals and always increasing base, investing in pharmaceutical companies can be a good move. You can also check agrx information at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-agrx .